Biography (English)

On August, 25th, 1907, she was born in Albelda, small village located in Huesca, at the North-east of Spain. She was baptised in the parish of Albelda on September the 12th .

When she was fourteen years old, she felt the divine call for a total devotion of her life to Jesus Christ. The greater glory of God, following Jesus and joined with Him, became the reason of her existence. Meanwhile, she graduated with a degree in Chemistry in order to be a more suitable instrument for His service.

Our Lord lead her soul through a surprising and not intended parallelism to he ignatian spiritual ways till her projects took shape in the Company of the Saviour, erected as a Religious Institute of diocesan right on 1952, and of pontifical right on 1986.

In His Church, God entrusted her the Christian education of youth, specially the university students, in any part of the world. With this mission the Mater Salvatoris’ schools arose to propagate the charisma Our Lord had commended her: adhesion to the Pope, a tender love to the Holy Virgin and to be perpetual evangelical ferment in society, that leads it to Christ.

She died saintly in Madrid, on January the 12th, 2001. Her mortal remains rest on the Spiritual House that the Society of the Saviour holds in Mota del Marqués, province of Valladolid (Spain).

You are requested to notify the Sisters of the Company of the Saviour, calle Tapia de Casariego, 19, 28023 Madrid (Spain), Regarding any favours received through her intercessionor sending us an email.


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