Under the Church’s direction




Chapel Ganduxer house

The Jesuit Provincial entrusted them to the hands of the Bishop. As the Episcopal See was vacant due to the martyrdom of the previous Bishop, the Apostolic Administrator of the diocese received them with open arms on October 11th, 1940, feast day of the Divine Maternity of Mary. He sanctioned their way of life, and gave them permission to live in community. However, as the Academy did not have the required conditions, he told them to look for “a tower with a garden, fresh air and sun”.
They came out feeling very comforted, while giving thanks to God: The fi rst canonical steps of the Company of the Saviour were being taken!


Soon they found such a tower, a building at 59, Ganduxer Street, in the Bonanova district, where they started to live on November 4th. In this fi rst house they established the Novitiate and a Residence Hall.




P. Cándido Mazón, S.J.

Through the kindness of the Jesuit Provincial, God our Lord granted them a father, counsellor and master in the person of Father Cándido Mazón Aula, S.I. (1900 – 1976).
In addition to helping Mother Félix in the writing of the Constitutions, he educated all of them in the spirit and proper
customs of an Order that wanted
to live the charisma of St. Ignatius of Loyola.


Thanks to his wise and sensible intervention we keep the autobiographical notes of the Mother and the origins of our




Msgr. Gregorio Modrego Bishop of Barcelona

In 1943 Msgr. Gregorio Modrego Casáus was named head Bishop of Barcelona. The Company of the Saviour owes him tremendous gratitude,
veneration and everlasting affection. He supervised the formulation of the Constitutions and the religious education of the sisterhood, becoming a real father to all of them.


Mother Félix, in gratitude and with humility, called him the “founder of the Company”, even in offi cial documents.






Vows´picture Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1952

The Holy See approved the Company of the Saviour as a Religious Congregation of diocesan law by a decree dated January 1952, the year
of the 35th International Eucharistic Congress, celebrated in Barcelona
On January 2nd, the first seventeen sisters took their vows during a Mass celebrated by Msgr. Gregorio Modrego at the Episcopal Palace chapel.
The choice of the name “Company of the Saviour” was also made following the Ignatian tradition. It was 1942. After a few days of special prayer and penance, they wrote the selected name on a scrap of paper. Mother María Félix had the certainty, as happened to Saint Ignatius, that it was God our Lord who wanted this name for His Company. That year May 24th coincided with the Solemnity of Pentecost, and Mother María Félix wrote:


“I feel an immense joy to fi nally have a name and be called ‘Company of the Saviour’. It is a name of light and sweetness; it contains all the mysteries of God’s love, all the plans of our Divine Captain, symbol of the Divine ideal, and I could continue to say things like these forever… Thank you, Jesus, my Saviour…”.
On May 25th, 1986, solemnity of Pentecost, the Company of the Saviour obtained, by the grace of God, pontifi cal approval from the Holy See.
The Mother devoted all her life to writing up the Constitutions of the Company of the Saviour. When she was 92, she enjoyed the satisfaction of travelling to Rome and personally handed them over to the Pope. She then received the communion from the Holy Father, John Paul II, during the closing Mass of the 47th International Eucharistic Congress on June 25th, 2000.

Receives the communion from the Holy Father, John Paul II



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