Academic preparation for apostleship


Identity card  Railroad from Madrid to Zaragoza (1939-1940)

The Spanish political situation was calmer. When María and Carmen knew that the religious schools could remain open, they realized that the Academy didn’t meet a need for an apostleship in Lérida. Their lives then revolved around one question:

What did the Lord want from them?

And the answer was clear:
“He wanted us to be His, he wanted us to be Ignatian. Regarding
this we had no doubt. Nor did we doubt that He wanted us to receive a good
education so that we would be able to work in those environments and with
people whose behaviours could infl uence positively or negatively the Roman
Catholic Church”.
Moved by this need of a better academic qualifi cation for apostolic work, they moved to Madrid in 1934 and joined the Central University. Carmen would study Philosophy and Letters, and María would enrol for her doctorate.


They had confession with Father Enrique Herrera Oria, S.I., and joined the Marian Sodality of the Handmaids.


They remained there for only two years. In July 1936, precisely
on the day before the outbreak of the Civil War, María reunites with
her family in Barcelona. Following the advice of her spiritual director,
Carmen had returned to Lérida some days earlier.




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