First Companion: Carmen Aige


Carmen Aige Corbella (1909-1989)

At that time, through her spiritual director F. Serrat, she met Carmen Aige Corbella (1909 – 1989). Carmen was a young lady from a good upper class family from Lérida, who had received an expensive education corresponding to her social status at a school run by the Sisterhood of Jesus and Mary in Tarragona. Her culture was extensive, she mastered French and had made the most of her classes in drawing and painting. However, she had no plans to obtain any sort of a degree.

Despite appearances, as soon as María saw her, she became aware of the rich human qualities of Carmen’s personality. This is how María describes her in her notes:

“She was a rough diamond set in a mundane world of a jewel: serious, straight as an arrow, solid as a rock and with fi rm moral principles. Under her cold disguise, she was a tender, pious, vehement and passionate person, made to rule and command, and willing to sacrifice herself before giving in. Externally she was neat, elegant, a convinced servant of decorum because of her artistic temperament and personal dignity; a keeper of social status and conventions by education and calculation”.

 She was her fi rst companion. Bonded by the same ideals, María always found in her a faithful collaborator, sensible and dynamic, in whom she entirely trusted. Both of them complemented and needed each other to do the work that our Lord wanted to carry out in His Church.


María, Carmen, Victorina and Montserrat

In the academic year 1933 – 1934, their Bishop gave them permission to have the Blessed Sacrament inside the Academy. During the month of July, like in previous years, María and Carmen joyfully prepare for the Feast of Saint Ignatius. During the reading of His life, our Lord inspired them

 “[both] to take a special vow that bonded us more to our Lord and helped us to continue the path we had started… We specifi ed the points of our vow, although what we wanted was to tie ourselves forever to the sole and exclusive service of God our Lord, following the Company of Jesus in everything”.

They consulted with Father Serrat, who gave his approval to their wishes, and agreed to take their vows on the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Not long after this, they felt a great joy when they discovered that that same day was the four hundred anniversary of the vow that St. Ignatius and his fi rst companions took in Montmartre (Paris). They always considered this coincidence as a mercy of God, and a confi rmation of their vocation.

They renovated this vow year after year, and later on more companions joined them: Victorina Jené, Montserrat Amigó, María Amor Sarret…




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