In America

The missionary Company of the Saviour.

But our Lord wanted the Company of the Saviour spread beyond the Spanish borders. H.H. Pío XII made a call to all the Spanish religious orders to evangelize South America. It was a unique occasion to show their loyalty to the promise of special obedience to the Holy Father, which is nowadays taken by all the mothers of the Company as a vow. The country selected was Venezuela, no doubt because Father Mazón, who had always been very close to the Company, had been appointed Father Provincial there.


The young “junioras” (young religious in formation) dreamed of establishing missions in America, in the communist Russia, in the whole world…
On August 22nd, 1957, the feast day of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Mothers María Félix and Carmen Aige stepped on to American soil for the fi rst time. These were the fi rst steps of the missionary Company of the Saviour.



Soon after, the sisters of the Company appointed to the new foundation arrived in Caracas, capital city of Venezuela, with the intention of aiding the needy. For these young missionaries, the craving to announce Jesus Christ in places where poverty was more at hand was a true necessity.
When they arrived in the city, the Archbishop “Mater Salvatoris” School, Caracas gave them a very different task: “Do open the best school in town”, he told them. He had also assigned them a very concrete location: the suburb Las Mercedes. In this area there was no Catholic school, and a lot of Christian families took their children to a protestant school situated in the neighbourhood. The effects of an education separated from the Church’s life were beginning to show, and the Archbishop entrusted the Company with the education and care of those youngsters whom nobody looked after. Mother Félix, despite the lack of economic resources, didn’t spare expenses, by trusting instead in the Divine Providence. That is how the Mater Salvatoris School was eventually opened in Caracas. However, for a long time the care of the needy focused on the collaboration with social projects, such as the “Schools of Faith and Joy”, where the sisters of the Company of the Saviour taught children of poor or outcast families.



“Mater Salvatoris” School, Caracas

At the same time, and by request of their own Bishops, the company opened the houses of Tamare (Zulia State, Venezuela) and The Missionary Company of the Saviour Cerro Chato (Uruguay). In Tamare they educated the working-class children of that oil producing region. In both places they taught catechism to adults and children, helping to raise their cultural and Christian levels, and with the same burning zeal of St. Francis Xavier.



The foundation of this house has also its origin in the obedience to the Church Hierarchy. In 1966, Monsignor Domingo Roa, Archbishop of Maracaibo, asked the sisters of the Company in Tamare to take charge of the school that the Ursulines were giving up, although that meant closing the house in Tamare, so dear to all of them. This is how, in the year 1966 – 1967, they started, with enthusiasm and effort, the typical training of the Mater Salvatoris Schools.


“Mater Salvatoris” School, Maracaibo



The founding of the Company in the United States in 1961, is the direct result of a very remarkable quality of our Mother: her generosity. Once in Caracas airport the Mother met an unknown priest that seemed
to be waiting for someone to pick him up. She approached him and offered him transport and lodging at the school. This priest was Rv. Fr. Peyton, C.S.C., who had just arrived to start his fi rst “Rosary crusade” in this country. From that very moment, the friendship between F. Peyton and the Company of the Saviour did nothing but grow. It was through him that the Bishop of Bridgeport, Connecticut, let the sisters of the Company work in a Parish School for the education of African-American and Puerto Rican children.


Parish School, Bridgeport


Bridgeport House, USA



The last foundation of the Company of the Saviour was the House of San Juan of Puerto Rico, opened in 1975. The General Superior was Mother Carmen Aige Corbella. Today, the Mater Salvatoris School in the island consists of a Nursery and an Elementary School.

“Mater Salvatoris” School, San Juan