In Spain


The fi rst house of the Company clearly refl ects the open and generous spirit of María Félix. In fact, when she barely had income to modestly sustain her fi rst companions, she didn’t hesitate to rent a beautiful house at 59, Ganduxer Street, in the district of Bonanova, so as to establish the Novitiate and a female students’ residence in 1946. It became the first university hall in the city named “Mater Salvatoris”. The residence is now located at Emancipación Street.


University Hall, Barcelona



The School of Lérida was opened by petition of a group of families of the city, who wanted their daughters to be educated under the guidance of María Félix. Her reputation as a great teacher hadn’t diminished in spite of the long time that had passed since her first classes in the Institute  of  Secondary Teaching, back in the thirties. Once the permission of the Bishop was obtained, it was opened at Ricardo Viñes Square. Some years later, in 1969, it would be moved to Plá de Monsó, in the outskirts of the city. The project of the School of Lérida – various pavilions separated by large green spaces – was also planned by Mother María Félix. This first “Mater Salvatoris” School bore the stamp of its Foundress. One of the most signifi cant details, proof of the Mother’s open-mindedness, was the fi rm decision to integrate all the pupils in a traditional school, regardless of their social extraction.


“Mater Salvatoris” School, Lérida

“Mater Salvatoris” School, Lérida



The House in Mota del Marqués is the one that suffered more transformations since its origins. In 1954, when the Mother acquired this house to lodge the Novitiate, the young novices nicknamed it “the Mice’s Palace”. It was a total wreck. With a lot of enthusiasm and no funding, Mother María Félix and Mother Carmen Aige started to work with great effort to set up a School in the old house and a little apostolic
training house, as well as the Novitiate, which would later be moved to Madrid in 1967. The house then became a boarding school until 1995, when, with the Bishop’s permission, it was designated as House of Spirituality.


House of Spirituality in Mota del Marqués

House of Spirituality in Mota del Marqués



Initially, in 1946, the House in Madrid opened as a Residence Hall. It was located in the Metropolitan Park, at 5, Sierra Street. In 1945 it began to work as a School, and in 1965, when the number of students increased, it was moved to Aravaca. This School in Madrid – as it can be seen today – was devised by Mother Félix. Being a person ahead of her time, she conceived an ambitious project centred around various pavilions, inspired by
the American college University Hall, Barcelona “Mater Salvatoris” School, Madrid system that she had seen during her years in the United States. At a time when this type of structure was still unknown in Spain – state high schools were always big buildings in the middle of the cities – Mother Félix ventured to found a School in the suburbs, where the girls would benefit from fresh air and enjoy open spaces.


“Mater Salvatoris” School, Madrid


In 1967, the Company of the Saviour’s novitiate convent was also moved to Aravaca. The house called “Rosalar”, at Tapia de Casariego Street, next to the School, was converted after that into an internal Training Centre and from 1970 onwards, it also became the Generalate.


“Rosalar”, Training Centre and Generalate

“Rosalar”, Training Centre and Generalate


In 1996 the University Hall “Mater Salvatoris”, which had been included in the initial project, was also inaugurated.


University Hall “Mater Salvatoris”, Madrid