Saintly death



María Félix

Her death, as her life, was very simple. We could almost say that she passed away tiptoeing… Mother María Félix didn’t want to disturb. For all her daughters in the houses of Madrid, it was an enormous consolation to pray by her side in the last moments of her life and see her receive the last Sacraments.


January 12th, 2001, has remained engraved in our hearts. The natural human grief caused by the loss of a much loved Mother was mixed with a profound supernatural joy. Hundreds of people of all ages – children and youngsters, men and women, whole families – came to pray by her body until the late hours that night.


Spontaneously, priests and other people of faith commended themselves to her, and a lot of them passed medals and rosaries over the body of the Mother. One could sense it in the environment, and it could even be heard that we were attending the funeral of a saint. Soon after, the fi rst news of diffi cult cases committed to her protection were received, and so did some favours obtained by her intercession.


On January 22nd, 2001, the funeral for Mother María Félix was celebrated at the parish church of Santa María de Caná, in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid. The Mass was presided by the Most Reverend Antonio M.ª Rouco Varela, Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, and concelebrated with Bishop of Córdoba the Most Reverend Francisco Javier Martínez, as well as many priests who wanted to join in prayer for the eternal rest of her soul.
The affection of our Pastors who paternally presided the funerals in the dioceses where the Company has houses provided much comfort for all her daughters. It was a recognition for the same charisma of obedience, support and love to the Church, which God entrusted the Mother with and which she passed on to us with her example.


Awaiting the resurrection of the dead, her remains rest in the Company of the Saviour’s cemetery at the House of Mota del Marqués. A few days before her death, she had visited the works of the cemetery and urged its ending, as if she foresaw the hour of her departure to meet Christ.


The grave of Mother María Félix


The spontaneous manifestation of veneration to the Mother was also a reason for joy for her spiritual daughters who, in a certain way, felt orphan. We were completely sure that she would continue helping the Company from Heaven, as well as each one of us, with the same strength and delicacy with which she had always acted. With her aid we hoped that, like herself, we would always seek and search for the greater glory of God.