Toward the foundation of the Company


A.M.D.G. ad maiorem dei gloriam

A.M.D.G. ad maiorem dei gloriam

When the Civil War ended, this small group of university students who wanted to live the same vocation was coming together.


On August 15, 1939 there were six young ladies who renovated heir promise of fi delity and asked for grace to “remain faithful to «our
vocation» of the greater glory of God”.


That same year, in September, María opened the “Re-Vir-Cien” (Religion, Virtue and Science) Academy in the Gran Via of Barcelona. The older teenage girls who were too old to attend religious schools, came here for their classes instead.


Soon after, she moves to the Academy, which became a true meeting place for all these young women.


Directly, and also through the Jesuit Fathers they found out the existence of diverse apostolic movements of Ignatian spirituality, but none of them were suited to their vocation. María writes in her personal notes:


“I don’t know whether this can be understood, nor will I be able to explain it. But it is true that we were looking for our Company as if it already existed and, at the same time, unconsciously…, without necessarily thinking about a foundation, we were looking for partners to form one”.


In April 1940, María and Carmen travelled to Palma de Mallorca where they had heard of the existence of three young ladies who whished to devote themselves to work for God, helping in missions and living according to the Company’s practices.


But the union wasn’t possible, for the missionary ideal amongst the infi dels prevailed in them, but in María, the Ignatian spirit led her to serve Christ in his Church “doing good to all, believers and unbelievers, with loving obedience to the heavenly Father”2. From the spirit which encouraged those youngsters from Mallorca, would born the Missionary Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.





María Félix and her brother Ángel and a group of students of Re-Vir-Cien

Father Serrat, who directed them spiritually, decided to speak to his Superior about María’s and her companions’ ideal and purposes with the objective of having him guide them. Father Alfredo Mondría, Provincial of the Jesuit Province of Aragón, informed them about a French Institute (Daughters of the Heart of Mary, founded in 1790 by F. Clorivière, S.I. and Mlle. de Cicé) to see if their vocation could be accomplished there.


With the most genuine Ignatian spirit, during the following two weeks, between prayers and penance, these young women pondered whether to join the French Institute or not. Without any mutual exchange of opinion, they knew that their inclination had to be towards not founding, in order to be certain that they were not self-seeking. On July 1st, in the Feast of the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, each one gave her opinion, which María wrote down in her diary:


“Those gathered said that they thought it was the greater Glory of God to continue along the path they had started, because they didn’t think that our vocation conformed with that of French Society”.


She suggested her companions to reconsider once again, but their answer was the same.


Once the result of the deliberation had been communicated to the Father Provincial, they decided to take part in the month-long Spiritual Exercises to know with more certainty the Divine Will. Yet, due to the economic situation, the time was reduced to ten days. The Exercises took place from August 5th to August 15th, 1940. On Assumption day, nine young women consecrated to God in the same way they had been doing it since 1934.


As a result of these Exercises, María writes in her intimate notes:


“Hesitant vocations have been strengthened and confi rmed. We have been enlightened and reassured in how best to serve God along this path he calls us to. For the first time, a summary of our vocation has been made”.





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