Brittle Bone Disease

My son, barely a year and a half, had a series of very continuous femoral fractures. He was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta more commonly known as “brittle bone disease”. Because of this disease, which has no cure, the bones are so weak that they break at the slightest blow, shattering themselves. It was very hard to see the poor boy in the hospital. One very surprising thing is that he never complained. Once he was discharged, he had to be at home for two months laying down. After the stipulated time, the doctors removed the cast and it took another two months for him to walk again; but often during this period he would suffer another fracture (he suffered about four fractures per year). The doctors said that this disease has no cure, but they began a treatment in order to try to reduce the number of fractures. One day, the doctor told us: “Unless the densitometry is perfect, which is impossible, we should increase the treatment.”. This was the great favor Mother Félix granted us: of the 3000 cases of this incurable disease being treated at the time, none has been cured. However, to this day, My son, is fully active and medically cured, with the bone density of a healthy child his age.

A.T., Madrid

The Mother is Always with Me

I am a former student of Mater Salvatoris, some years ago, Ibegan my work in TVE with a contract for a specific project. I had bought a new house, and was afraid of loosing my job and not being able to pay it. When the contract expired, I entered with a fixed-term contract job, with just 901 days, while the minimum is 900. It was like a miracle for me, as nobody enters TVE with such a little amount of days.

This is not the only thing Mother Félix has done for me. Two years ago, my husband’s grandma, suffered a heart attack. We were told she would’t survive. I put her Mother Félix prayer-card under the pillowand, surprisingly, she went out of the hospital on her own feet. Shortly after, she lost her mind and was diagnosed with a very agressive Alzheimer’s disease. Her family had to take her to a residence, because they could’t manage to care her. Iagain, I put the prayer-card under her pillow and her aggressiveness faded and she remembered everything.

When I was age 20, I decided to take the driving test. I wasn’t very prepared, by lack of practice. I toke with me Mother Félix’ prayer-card and put it on the gear lever. Proffessor told me: “No matter how many nuns you put there, you aren’t going to pass…” I PASSED AT THE FIRST TRY!

There is so many things she does for me that it is impossible to tell, every time something scares me, she is with me.

M.P., Madrid

They Didn’t Amputate

Not long after Mother Félix’ decease, mi father suffered a thrombosis in one leg. His right foot was completely purple, cold and stiff; I say stiff because I had seen Mother Félix dead not long before, and it was the same. Very frightened, I called my brother-in-law, who is a vascular surgeon. He admitted him to hospital. I took with me the rosary that had touched the yacent body of the Mother and accompained him while they tried vainly to reanimate the leg. Enrique, my brother in law, tried to prepare him: “See, Antonio, you are an intelligent man. If this leg doesn’t overcome this, we will have to take other measures speedly… I will call my team and, 6 a.m. …” (le they were going to amputate his leg), but we’ll await another thirteen minutes… Then, I grasped my rosary and told the Mother:“Mother, you have loved my father tenderly, do us this favour, but do it quickly!”. The leg started to respond. At 6 a.m., instead of amputating, they took out a 14-inch blood clot. Hundreds of other times, I have received of her minor favours.

M.C., Pamplona

A Heavenly Gift

We have no doubt about the heavenly intercession of Mother Félix in the huge grace that we have received. Since Mother Cristina, gave us Mother Félix’ prayer-card with a piece of cloth used by the Mother, I prayed daily, with all my heart, to obtain the little grand miracle. Obviously, the intensity of my prayer increased on the days we awaited results. I remember perfectly that I was praying to the Mother when I got the test result. I feel very grateful to Mother Félix, Mother Cristina and to the Company of the Saviour for the intercession, the prayers and the affection, that comforted me so much in the difficult moments.

T.P., Madrid