The Church is the work of Jesus Christ, my Lord. It is the work of the ones I love, and a thousand lives I would give to Her, because She belongs to Jesus. (Writings of conscience, 1941)

I have been created to save and sanctify souls. Oh how this thought inflames me! ... If I save souls, I cooperate with the work of God, I act as mediator between God and men; Jesus’s companion; like another Christ. What a high of vocation! ... To be faithful to Her, not to disappoint my Lord: death to all disorderly affections and a life of intimate unity with God! ... (Spiritual Exercises, 1943)

In the presence of the Father, I only manage to say: I am your daughter! ... (Spiritual Exercises, 1948)

My deed will be effective if I am holy, and that I will be, if I live united with God and committed to His will. Regardless of health or illness, ordering or obeying, poverty or wealth, short or long life. What is important is to fulfill the divine will with love. (Spiritual Exercises, 1943)

To ask Mary my attainment of God, through the merits of Jesus Christ, the forgiveness of my sins; and not to commit a single one; to cleanse my soul, so that in union with Her I can say to my Lord: I would like to help you save souls and I would like to consume myself in your love. (Writings of conscience, 1945)